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Learning and Teaching

Teachers at Badminton devote a great deal of time to design lessons which bring out the best in girls. We recognise that traditional methods have their place in a modern classroom and our teachers employ them when appropriate with passion and energy. These lessons are characterised by a dynamic approach which have good pace and energy building upon the skills of the pupils and involving them actively in their learning. We realise that pupils will learn in different ways and the teachers at Badminton know them very well and will incorporate activities which will best suit each girl.

Badminton has highly qualified teachers who have a passion for their subjects which inspires and motivates their pupils. Continuing professional development ensures that the knowledge and skills of the teachers are continually updated; staff are continuous learners just like the pupils they teach.

Lessons take place in well-furnished classrooms equipped with computers, data projectors, interactive whiteboards, extensive book stocks, artistic materials and scientific and technical apparatus as appropriate. In addition to this we have specialist spaces such as a well-resourced and modern library, gymnasium, swimming pool, music school, an inspiring arts centre together with an all-weather sports pitch.

Academic extension

The curriculum at Badminton has been designed to ensure that there are appropriate opportunities for pupils of all abilities and interests. Many schools identify a small number of pupils as ‘Gifted and Talented’. At Badminton we do not do this because of the inherent danger of labelling pupils and introducing a barrier between pupils. Instead we talk about extension, enrichment and breadth. All academic departments provide opportunities for all pupils to participate in activities outside the classroom such as;

  • Science research Crest Awards
  • Go4set
  • Debating Society
  • Greek Society
  • Law Society
  • Medics group (Sixth Form)
  • University Preparation including Oxbridge (Sixth Form)

In this way we are able to actively encourage pupils to participate in many different activities which has a direct benefit of not only broadening interests and stimulating ideas but also leads to improved self-confidence and enjoyment of the education offered at Badminton.