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Keystage 4

English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are core subjects for all pupils. Pupils are expected to include a Modern Foreign Language together with a Humanity are part of their four optional subject choices from the list below:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Music

Central to our approach to education at Badminton, we offer the pupils a free choice of which subjects they would like to study. Only after pupils have made their choice are the option blocks written for the following year’s timetable. In this way, we maximise the choice available to pupils and find it is normally possible to timetable all possible subject combinations.

Departments have the ability to choose which syllabus and examination board to use for the GCSE courses. This gives the heads of departments the freedom to choose the best course to prepare the pupils for study at A Level and beyond.  For some departments such as English, Maths, Sciences and Languages this has been the IGCSE syllabi whereas the other departments have adopted the UK based GCSEs as the most appropriate course for their subject.

In addition to the pupils’ academic lessons, an enrichment programme is organised to help introduce the pupils to different topics and ideas that they would not normally come across during the GCSE lessons. Examples of topics have included outside speakers on e-safety, healthy eating and Amnesty International together with short active modules on yoga, drama, self-defence and cooking.

Exercise is fundamental to a healthy mind and to this end, all pupils have regular games and PE lessons in which they are able to choose the type of activity they participate in from team games such as netball and hockey to individual ones such as swimming, dance and gym work.

Downloadable documents

Year 10 Sample Timetable

Year 11 Sample Timetable 

GCSE and A Level Exam Results for the past four years

GCSE Subject Information 2015-2016

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Progress and learning

To ensure that pupils continue to make progress throughout their time at Badminton, we carry out on-going assessment in a number of ways to help the pupils understand what they need to do to improve their own learning. Core to success is the ability of the pupils to be actively involved in the learning proves which requires on-going self-reflection. Pupils’ effort and attainment are measured regularly through marking of preps, tests, general teaching, presentations given by pupils and end of year internal and external examinations. This assessment is formalised twice a term in the form of grades and once a term in the form of reports which give specific information about the progress of pupils. All pupils read through their reports before the reports are sent home and their form tutor’s discuss their progress and help them to identify targets for the next term.

Prep homework is set on a regular basis. All pupils have a prep time table (see below for an example) where each subject is allocated a certain amount of time on a particular night of the week. Older pupils are generally given longer deadlines and are expected to organise their workload appropriately. 

Marking is always carried out positively and provides an important route for feedback to pupils. In addition to this pupils receive verbal feedback on their progress during lessons. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their work and seek additional help or assistance if needed from staff who are always prepared to go the extra mile for the pupils in their care. In this way we make pupils active participants in their own learning build self-confidence and self-awareness and identify targets to help the girls continue to improve. One trait admired and valued by the teachers at Badminton are self motivation, hard work and openness to advice.