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Keystage 3

In the first three years (Years 7 to 9), all girls study the same curriculum and, apart from mathematics and languages, are taught in their tutor groups. The curriculum during these years is purposefully diverse to ensure that girls receive a broad and balanced education before narrowing their studies at GCSE and beyond.

Year 7

The transfer from Junior school to Senior school is one of the pivotal points in a girl’s education. We aim to make this process as stress free as possible and organise many events and activities to ensure the transfer is as smooth as possible. Academically, Year 7 is a time when many new ideas and subjects are introduced to the girls and acts as a foundation for study in later years. All girls study the following subjects within the timetable: 

  • English
  • Combined Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • French
  • Latin
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • ICT
  • PSHE
  • Game
  • PE

In addition to the above subjects, pupils study a half-year course of Mandarin. The reason for this is to introduce the pupils to a non-Latin based language which over the coming years will be become increasingly important in the global business community.

Year 7 Sample Timetable


Year 8

All of the subjects studied above continue this year with the addition of German as a second European language. Girls also have the opportunity to continue to study Mandarin as an optional activity in addition to their main timetabled lessons. 

Year 8 Sample Timetable.


Year 9

This is an important year in the education of the girls at Badminton. There are several important changes to the timetable such as the choosing which languages they choose to study; Spanish is introduced as a beginner’s language at this time and there is an opportunity for girls joining Badminton at this point to start beginners Latin. In addition to this, the science subjects are taught separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics to ensure that solid foundations are laid for future study at GCSE and beyond. The creative arts are a strong feature of the Badminton curriculum with a generous time allocation and in Year 9, girls work on a project involving both aspects of drama and music which culminates in a public performance in the summer term; most recently this has involved extended projects on Greek mythology in which pupils have been responsible for interpreting myths through music and drama. Another new subject, Food and Nutrition, is introduced at this point to ensure the girls have a good understanding of how to cook and to enable the girls to make informed decisions about the nutritional benefits of food. 

Year 9 Sample Timetable