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At Badminton we aim to give all of our girls a first-class education in which intellectual development, academic success and pastoral care are complemented by high performance in the arts, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Central to our philosophy is a rich and holistic educational experience which fosters a love of learning and the setting of high standards. We encourage girls at Badminton to take responsibility for their own learning and develop skills such as independent thinking, self-analysis and reflection. Our aim is to provide an environment in which all our girls feel able to express themselves freely, to set high expectations for themselves and to be ambitious in all of their endeavours.  We encourage our girls to believe all is possible and that with hard work and determination they can achieve their full potential. We recognise that we have a responsibility to equip the girls with the necessary abilities and skills to prepare them not only for success in examinations but in their life more generally as they become part of a competitive and rapidly changing global community.

The curriculum at Badminton offers a broad and innovative academic education with a strong emphasis on developing an enquiring mind, instilling a good work ethic and striving for excellence. Activities are planned to promote the academic and personal development of the pupils. The curriculum is broadly balanced and seeks to give pupils the opportunities to be appropriately challenged. It is delivered through timetabled lessons as well as school trips, workshops, competitions and visiting speakers and seeks to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and personal development of pupils.

The curriculum is extended through a wide variety of activities, societies, clubs, competitions, sport fixtures and trips. These are integral to the education offered at Badminton for example visiting art exhibitions in London, music concerts, science and engineering research, politics conferences, debating, law society and philosophy club. Lunchtime, tea time, prep and after school sessions are utilised for extra-curricular activities which are published in the termly calendar. Additionally, boarders have a programme of activities in the evenings and at weekends to which day girls are welcomed.