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It is a legal requirement in promoting and safeguarding the welfare of every pupil that parents who do not live the in United Kingdom appoint a guardian to act on their behalf. This applies to all girls at Badminton School, irrespective of age.

Guardians are responsible for looking after and accommodating girls during official exeat visiting weekends, half terms and holiday periods if they do not return home. They are also the first point of contact if a problem arises and are responsible for the girls’ travel arrangements should they travel at times other than those agreed by the school.

Guardians may be a family member or relative, or a family friend and must live in the UK. Guardians must be entirely selected by the parents and Badminton School cannot in any way be held responsible for the choice of guardian that parents make. For this reason, we cannot recommend guardians to parents. We appreciate that it can be difficult for families living overseas who have no personal contacts in the UK to appoint a guardian and so to help you, we can supply you with the details of AEGIS accredited agencies that parents have used in the past. Please note, that you must satisfy yourself that your guardian meets your requirements and we strongly recommend that parents check the accreditation of any organisation of guardians that they are considering.

Badminton School values the important role guardians play in the welfare and development of a child in their care. Guardians are often invited to events during the school year and we very much enjoy having them as part of our community.