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We believe that it is important that every child should benefit from a full and rounded education which will help prepare them for life after school. Whilst it is obviously crucial that girls are both numerate and literate, we also believe that they need to understand how the world around them works. Geography, Science and History lessons help us to provide this knowledge and they form an important part of the school curriculum. We do not believe in teaching subjects in isolation and we encourage the pupils to make links across subjects.  This cross-curricular awareness  is carefully considered during planning and topics are often linked between subjects.

All of our subjects are specialist taught, thus providing the pupils with an excellent standard of teaching. We have designed a languages taster programme which means that the girls study a different language every year starting with French in Year 3, then on to Latin in Year 4, German in Year 5 and Spanish in Year 6. These lessons are taught by specialist teachers from our Senior School and provide the girls with the opportunity to explore languages before deciding which ones they might like to pursue when they move on to the Senior School.

Our Maths lessons are streamed in order to enable us to provide the most appropriate level of support for every ability. In some cases, where there is a wider spread of ability, we may also stream for English.

ICT lessons take place on a weekly basis and these sessions provide the pupils with the basic skills which they may then develop and explore in other subjects (such as creating graphs in Geography or PowerPoint presentations  in History).

Art and Design Technology are taught in purpose built classrooms by specialist teachers and there are many opportunities throughout the school year when the girls are able to showcase their artistic talents.

Music is an important part of school life. It provides the girls with opportunities to perform and teaches them the disciplines involved with learning an instrument. Specialist music lessons start in Little Acorns and go right through to Year 6. All Junior pupils attend choir practice and hymn practice once a week: the singing is fantastic!

We think it is important that the girls take some form of physical activity every day (more oxygen to the brain improves learning) and our Games and PE lessons, including swimming, netball, hockey, tennis, gymnastics and dance take place daily on-site.

We seek to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced understanding of the world:  they enjoy weekly RE lessons in which they study the major world religions placed within a cultural context. PSHE also provides another element of this understanding and enables us to provide the girls with an awareness of how to cope with personal, social, safety and health issues.

The Junior School puts on a number of productions and performances throughout the school year and many of the skills which are showcased at these events are acquired during drama lessons which take place in the Junior School hall.

Educational visits

Well planned and appropriate educational visits can really bring a subject to life and enhance the children’s understanding of a topic. We therefore organise a number of visits for each year group throughout the year, making the most of what Bristol and its environs have to offer as well as travelling further afield.

Planning and Assessment

Teaching staff take a great deal of time and care planning progressive schemes of work for their subjects, thus ensuring that the children receive a carefully prepared curriculum.

In the Junior School we use summative and formative assessments to measure each child’s progress and to set targets for the future. From Years 1 to 6 the girls will be informally assessed throughout the year but will also take formal assessments in the summer term.

Parents receive full progress reports in the autumn and summer terms as well as a form tutor summary report in the spring term.