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Pastoral Care

For children to learn effectively, they need to feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings. They need to know that there are adults to whom they can turn when they feel like talking about a problem and they need to be confident that when they do share a concern, it will be dealt with. For these reasons we make it our priority to provide excellent pastoral care within the Junior School.

The Junior School accepts girls from the age of three into our Little Acorns pre-reception class. All our classes from Little Acorns through to Year 2 are called Acorns.


In the Acorns classes, the children are taught and cared for by their class teacher. These staff are the first point of contact for the girls and also for parents should there be any concerns.


In the Juniors our forms are vertically grouped, which means that they are created from a combination of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each form has a Form Tutor who is the first point of contact. The forms meet for registration at the beginning and end of the day, and also organise their own assemblies once a term. The girls do not remain in their forms for teaching; they are taught in their year groups.

This vertical grouping enables the girls to widen their friendship pool by mixing with girls of different ages. It also provides the older pupils with the opportunity to take care of the younger ones, thus enhancing their sense of responsibility.


Friendships can be enriching, but they are also the cause of some of the difficulties which girls in any school may experience during their school life.  Learning to be a friend in order to have a friend requires maturity and flexibility.  We encourage the girls to mix with a wide variety of peers which is important and helpful when moving on to new stages in their lives.  We use circle time, which can be very effective, to help the girls with emotional and relationship issues and we encourage them to talk to a member of staff with whom they feel comfortable.